Jorge´s Reflective Essay

Once upon a time a little Mexican boy, a big dream, and a new world full of opportunities.

This story began excatly on the 21st of September 2016, when I arrived to the UK, full of dreams and willing to learn as much as I could in a country I have visited a few years ago, but this time, I am doing it to change my life, in a personal and professional way. The factor that made me take the decision to travel to England to Study a Master Degree is simply the Unger for more knowledge, yes, always keep learning in the best environment and with the best people, and what a better way to do it than getting out of my Mexican comfort zone an embrace the new upcoming challenges.
I must acknowledge the beggining of this journey was quite intense and diffucult to go trough, I remeber what Charles Darwin said about adaptation in to new environments, “The creatures can either die, adapt or evolute whitin them“. So, I did, I manage myslef to go through these experiences and evolute into a more independent and professional person. Isnn´t it what Businesses have to do nowadays? To Adapdt and embrace the new horizons that society and the market face in theses days? So, having suceeded on that made me think that the first step into greatness is taking the risk and work hard for your goal.

I keep talking about Business and Human feelings, but, How can we make a link between then within the Advertsiing and The Creative Economy Industry? Well, for me it´s all about bonding, making relationships and work firslty on yourself, getting to know who you really are, and then explore the industry itself. What out there? Who am I working with? Lets take a Business perspective for these questions, for instance, I have learned that whenever a Business put its thoughts into the users shoes, thinks, analizes and work for their users desires it can me so much simpler to achieve a long term relationship with them. Because at the end, a Business is created to solve the user´s problems and by listening to what they have to say, the task will be done efficiently with remarkable results.

As part of the activities and Assignments for the Module I took parto f a Team of 4 people and our mainly task was to create, develop and take further a new company and a new product. I must acknowledge the journey was pretty difficult, getting know other people´s way of working, coming up with an innovative product to solve users problems and to actually take it outsider to the market. The team was conformed by different personalities, backrounds and talents, which at the end, made the company more powerfull than we thought due to the mixture of those factors and capabilities made us focus on what we were experts on, but at the same time, keep learning by every step we had to take forward.

Given the task and the task and the process we had to embrace, the Design thinking Lecturers always looked for the best way to teach us how important it can be to learn from the mistakes as well. For instante when we were taken to FabLab London, where we learned that having waste can also be important in Business because when you have a mistake its also a great opportunity to learn from it and bring up a solution for it. My team and I learned that having as much as ideas for a product and a solution we can create was crucial to develop the best idea for a product and working on it. In a new process is very important to follow the necesary and slow steps that opening a new Business require. For instance, having the idea, develop it, prototype it, think of imrpovement, listen to your users and keep always imrpoving.

Another very interesting and challenging feature of the Module was our countless Dragon´s Den pitches done throughout the year. We had the chance to present our product, company and idea to a Group of judges who told us what was good and what was bad about the company in general. At the begining the idea of someone to tell you what to change or what to do with something you think is perfect can be a little bit frustrating, due to the fact that you think you got everything to suceed, but I learned that the judges are just an exemplification or the real world and the Business market in general, people outsider are gonna tell you what they want, what they like and what they need from you and from your company. But it is really important to know from the feedback and improve yourself and your product, because at the end let´s remeber what I´ve said before, we are here to fulfill our user´s needs.

Talking about the Market and the Global World we are living in, it must be very clear for a company that we are not alone, we are not the best and there is gonna be always someone who is venid us. So, what to do? We have to be aware of the fact that competition is just outsider the door, beside us. So, a company has to always keep improving itself to remain competitive within the global market.
The Design Thinking Module also offered us the chance to get to know the real process companies have to embrace to launch a product, we also called it Trade Fairs. Attending Kingston University and Kingston Market trade fairs showed us the importante to have presence with your users and take advantage of the face to face contact we had. For me, that momento was crucial to realy understand that no matter what you do or what you think, you always have to be there for your costumers and keep on going with the Business.

Additionaly, for me now it will always be crucial to come up with new ways of working in a more Creative and innovative way. Andi t must be very important to analize always your personal and professional strenghts and weaknesses to do so. Because when your acknowldege you are not able to do something or not having some Skull will lead you in to a state of mind of willing to learn it, develop it and take it further. The contrary will happen when you know you´re good at something ans you actually use your skills in the benefit of your group and your company will give you the confidence and professionalism necesary to have a better work and keeo learning from others; and why not, show and share your skills to others. For the that was basically the Entrepeneur world I lived during these months of hard work.
Whats next then?
Having gone through all this journey, with all the leassons learned and new horizons to look at for the future, its now time to put all in practice.
Now I dont see the Indrusrty and Business the same way I used to see them. Although I have an undergraduate brackround in Managment now my knowledge has gone beyond the surface. Now my plan is gonna be implemented in two diversions. Firstly, I will contunue developing and improving my existant Business in México City. Yes, I run a small Start Up company who produces Mexican Salsas with tradicional and new way of making them. We making our products 100% handmade and with the best ingredients and also we are changing some ingredients to tradicional receptes and cooking them in a different way. So basically what I am gonna to do with all that I´ve learned is to look of new ways and channels for my Business to grow and have a better response to the market.
As far as I have realized, that the process My small company and I have been doing is not good at all, we have just been thinking in ourselves and the beneficts that we can get. However as I have said, we are here for our users, and honestly, we had never thought of them at all. Who are they? What do they do? What do they want? What else is out there? Now it will be time to answer those questions on the Beneit for our business.
Aditionaly, I wanna mention my second career goal I will focuss from now on. My drea mis to work in the Creative Department for either an Advertising Agency or a Multinacional Brand on which I can keep learning of new ways to not only sell products, but also create stories behind them and also, give a service or a product more value by creating and engaging in a more personal way with the users. For me, it will always be crucial to have feedbacks and opinión for what I´m doing/producing. And as a professional my aim is to educate and share all the knowledge on how important is to be very careful and pay attention to every detail that comes along into the process. It´s not anymore about just delivering a product/service just because, its very important to check the backround and the story behind it.
In conclusion, what I can tell to everyone who happens to read this blog and my final blog post to keep dreaming. Even when it rounds crazy, difficult, negative or almost impossible. You really have to make things happen; because if you really want it it will happen. Take risks, have mistakes, learn from them, listen to what other people have to say, always improve yourself and always keep working on what you´re passionate about. Thank you so much to Kingston University, Janja Song, Alice Comi, who have given me the chance to experience this once in a life time opportunity. I promisse you that every day, I will permorf the best versiono f myself with all the lessons that you shown me. I will always be forever gratefull.
        Jorge Valdez.


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