From Country to Country, Market to Market

This journey began 5 months ago. Who would ever know I would have to face the experience to Create a Business, develop it within all the areas that construct it. The idea, prototype, improvements, waste, time, Money, energy, Advertising, Marketing, finances, Design, Customers, Lean Canvas, Proposition, Branding, StartUps and the real Market.

This trip began for me with a very simple idea on learning how to produce Creative and more Engaging Advertising, and the best way to develop it is actually going out there and explore the infinite possibilities that exist. It would be very simple to make assumptions and get the product out there and see what happens. That´s what I have learned from this Design thinking process. It´s not always about the destination, let´s enjoy the process too.
Throughout the Academic year, my Team and I have been dealing with this making process and let me tell you something, what a ride!!! Sometimes it´s good, sometimes it´s bad, and sometimes it´s worse. Butt the main point of the process is to learn from the mistakes, take them, embrace them and make improvements on what must be improved.

EQUALYTIE has been present now in a couple of university events that demonstrate how challenging can be to face the real world of customers? The first Kingston Fairs were held in our comfort and safe zone,  events organized by Kingston University, being always aware that we were working with our people and nobody from the outside could tell you what they think and what they want because firstly, it can be scary and challenging. But the time came to face the real world and explore what the British market had to say.
Saturday 4th of March, Kingston Centre Market Fair, what an experience!!!It came to my mind when I firstly started working in retail, people and their demands can be quite exhausting, but at the end, isn´t that what Business is all about?

My Team and I managed to have a successful participation with good sales Turing the day, to be honest, I thought the user´s response towards the product were gonna be completely negative and nonefficient (It´s always good to avoid high expectations) but the contrary happened. We did have very good customer experiences and lots of feedback for our product and Brand.
Being able to talk to the real people and explore their minds and desires is any Brand´s dream come true, due to the fact that whenever you listen to what your users have to say, you accomplish the engagement with them and by so, the long-term relationship that you are looking for. It must be clear that the process is not neither easy nor enjoyable most of the times, but at the end, I must admit this is what is required to have the ideal quantity and quality of customers aimed.

So, I could advise to anyone who is afraid to go out and explore the real market in the world, COME ON, DO IT!.There´s no book or lecture that is gonna show you how to get to the final step of the process and being alive to tell about it.



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