And the Oscar goes to… #MACE16

When it comes to Create a new Brand, Product or Service and all the process that comes with the awareness of it, we must know that Marketing and Advertising are crucial for us to get to know users, engañe them and create long-term relationships.
Throughout all this Design Thinking Module we´ve learned that creating a product it´s not as easy as we wish. It does involve plenty of ideas, time, mistakes and had work. But, what happens when you already have completed those stages and the time has come to take your product outsider to be known? For me, it is when all the fun begins. The Desing Thinking Festival was the best opportunity to get those skills on the game…
Equality has become now a well-structured Brand on which my team and I have been working hard on since the beginning of our studies; we have the materials, the product, the ideas and we are really excited to explore what´s next for us.
As part of the Module tasks, we had to face one of my favorite activities in terms of Advertising and Marketing, creating a video Ad. What else could be more accurate to share with your audience the message you want them to know. For me, an Advertising Video must be clear, brief, straight to the point and sometimes a little bit crazy; of course, it will always depend on the case or product to be Advertised.


Equalytie has a very different and challenging product to Advertise, due to the fact that we don’t have a “how to use“ or “this product solves this problem“ situation. On the contrary, we are doing Advertising for the Cause we are representing. The way we did our Ad was slightly different than the others; we focussed more on the emotions that society faces within Gender Equality Issues.


We started the idea with having present serious positive and negative facts that Gender Equality in the UK workforce society has. On the Video Ad, we featured real people, you, your friend, you partner, anyone who can be affected or affect others with this issue that is still a problem in society. So, our Advertising video featured those people who can face the problems, but most importantly, those people who are willing to make a difference by supporting EQUALYTIE and the cause we are fighting for. No special effects needed, no more to ay, just the facts, and the truth that comes with it; either it´s positive or negative. Butt he most import fact is to actually DO SOMETHING about it.

Before (Negative Past)

After (Positive and Bright Future)
As an Advertising professional I, do believe that Marketing and Ads are not supposed to be made Orly as a part f selling a product, on the contrary, the most successful way to create an Advertising Campaign is by “selling“ the feelings; yes; FEELINGS. When you create a sentimental thought that can be relatable with your product you will be able to transmit that Keeling with your final users, and by then, they will engage with your product and your brand.
In conclusion, my team and I were very happy to see that our Ad Video was successful to Express the message we wanted to share, o course there is still the lot of work to do, but in the mid time we´re having exceptional feedback and very valuable tips to improbé and develop our Brand.




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