KU Talent + Enterprise Nation + KPMG = UK Carrer

One of the perks of being in a big university as Kingston Uni is that you have the chance to have knowledge outside the classroom. Also, I wanna say my Uni has department called KU Talent, which helps us via their job central, to find jobs opportunities within the desired business market we are aiming to work in, whether it’s inside the campus or outside, it’s all about looking at the options, analyze then and apply for the ones that are more suitable for us. As a professional I have always been, one of the objectives I faced myself into a few months ago was to be able to get a job in a different country than in Mexico, it can be very interesting to work in a more different way than the one I used to back in my country. 


So, at the end of my first term of my master’s degree, I started looking for an exciting opportunity within the British Job Market via KU talent’s job central. The variety of job options is massive, a lot of them I must say don’t really suit me; don’t get me wrong, they are not bad, but they are just specifically done for some other fields of the industry such as laws, sports, engineering, health. What I am looking for is to work for a big company on which I can have professional growth and keep developing my advertising skills. I know it will be very hard to get my ideal job in advertising, great things take time, and I really excited to work for it. 
I must say I will start working for medium sized companies on which I can start gaining confidence in the job market and the language barriers I can have at the moment. However, my plan is to keep working for those companies and keep applying for “bigger” jobs in terms of my Advertising goals and visions. 
Two new Opportunities came during this week, very interesting ones I must say. Both of the happened thanks to the previously mentioned KU Talent’s Job Central. The first was a 1-day work at the Entrepreneur Fair hosted by KPMG which helps creative people, like me, taking her ideas further and placing them into the market. I was so lucky to have been selected by the Committee to perform this job, although it’s just a 1-day opportunity it’s the best way to loose my nerves and gain a little confidence within the job opportunities in the UK. Basically, my job is to assist and support all the logistics and the activities performed the day of the event. As a general assistant, I have to get ready for every situation that can happen and have the skills to complete any task I’m asked to do.



But to be honest, I’m completely ready for it. Wednesday 11th of January, I attended the training provided by KPMG to give us all the information about the fair, our roles, are gonna be basically assist the Enterprise Fair, KPMG and HSBC to support the visitors to the venue on the day of the fair. The roles were given, security assistants, bar caters, restaurant assistants, welcoming staff, reception members, and general help assistants. The KPMG staff showed us around the building and told us where and how are we gonna work on the day of the event. The shared with us general information about the work that is gonna be done, but as soon as the day arrives, our particular and specific role is going to be given to us, then we will be able to know more about it and develop it in the best way. As I said before, the tasks are quite simple and might not be relevant to others; but for me, it is the perfect opportunity to have my first job in the UK and start networking and developing my career objectives I have settled. So, the day arrived, I got into KPMG offices at 8 am as requested. We had a brief introduction of what our role was gonna be, each of us had to be in charge of the room where the lectures/seminars/workshops were held. Also, support the lecturers and the KPMG/ Enterprise Nation staff to have the activities to be done as they were scheduled.

My 13.3 room was called “Make me famous” on which lecturers and speakers talked about public relations, blogging, advertising, dragons den and emailing. It was very satisfying to hear from the best experts in the industry. The sessions were short, only 45 minutes, but they gave me the chance to learn a little bit more about how to promote your product/business/service in a very different way within multiple platforms and channels. Having the PR expert, Amanda Ruiz, to advice me in how the public relations can perfectly link with advertising in so many ways. Also, gaining some extra knowledge from the blogger/publishing author Natasha Courtenay in how the new bloggers and the experienced ones can make fractious relationships was one of the most interesting advice I could ever have. Overall, I got the chance to get some extra cash that can help me through my expenses, but also, the most important opportunity I got is the fact that I listened to the best advice when it comes to advertising and new ways to approach your business goals. Because at the end, the market is changing and so are the users, and we must find new ways understanding the business and how to go out there in terms of marketing and sales. 

The second opportunity I had this week is to be a member of Kingston University’s Student Engagement staff. The process started with a 1-hour meeting on which, on teams, we can to observe, read, discuss, analyze and diagnose some “fictional” scenarios in which a professional is involved, mostly like “What would you do in this situation of it happened to you” task. Every team had an observer who was only judging our roles on the team to see if we were or not suitable for the job. The skills they were looking for were: LEADERSHIP, COLLABORATIVE AND AGREEMENT. One of must had to be categorized on one of them. And if succeed, the job is ours. It’s now just a matter of time to wait for the results and see if I was selected for any role in really excited to play as Kingston University staff member. 


So, the wanted email arrived, Ryan Jones,  responsible for the Student Engagement Department contacted me with the good new I had been selected for the Survey Agent role, everything I had to do is attend the training session (which surprisingly was paid) and engage the role and the task to develop for it. They teach us during the 3 hours session on how to develop an efficient survey and how does National Survey works.

Basically, my most important task was to persuade and invite students to complete the survey conducted by Kingston university, featuring services, staff, career development, teaching sources, technological facilities, and general recommendations. The task was simple and clear, the next step is to receive my schedule for work, uniforms, and the information on who am I gonna work with. During this week I will get further information. Moreover,  now I can say this experience has given me the confidence to keep working in a new country, with different procedures and ways than the Mexican, but for now, the knowledge gained is enormous. Everything I had to do is complete the administrative paperwork, fill the blanks and get ready for my next adventure.


So, here I am, after a couple of days working as a Survey Agent for Kingston University I must say I’m loving it. The task given is quite simple, to be honest. National Student Survey is running a small survey for students that wanna be heard by University, it is a really good way to say about everything you like or you don’t like. As a survey agent, my work is to be sure every student that walks by our stand fills the survey and help University to know what’s out there and improve the areas that have to be improved. As a survey agent, I must encourage every student at University to help them know we do have a voice and not only that, that voice is strong and heard always. The process is simple, we invite people to join us and fill the survey on the electronic tablets or on the laptops given and assist students to complete it, and after that, we were just thankful by telling them they are helping themselves and overall Kingston University. After three months of hard work the project has finished, the knowledge gained about University life and how the institution is always willing to improve whatever that must be improved and pay attention to the details that sometimes can be invisible. 


I relate this Survey Agent job with the Industry itself when businesses and brands are always looking for users feedback about their products/services. I do have professional experience as a Customer Services Assistant and I’m really glad that Kingston University is out there listening what students have to say. For me now, whenever I start working for a new Business or maybe as an Entrepreneur, it will be a MUST to always be in touch and close to my customers and the people I work for, because at the end; we as businesses, are here to satisfy and engage our users in a long term way. And what better way to do it by listening what they have to say and always keep improving ourselves and our services. 
This Survey Agent job opportunity has certainly helped me to gain confidence within my English speaking skills, and also give me the power to take out all the dust and fears of working in a different country. There’s still so much to learn about this, and I’m really sure this knowledge I will get is gonna be shown on my future career decisions I’ll make. 



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