If all Experts started being Novices. Are we always on the process of learning something?

When it comes to learning, it’s seems to me that my University Lecturers really take plenty of time on planning and choosing the right way to persuade us to get along with the topic. In México I used to be in the classroom seated and listening to the topics and getting notes on my laptop, but as I’ve been saying, coming to England and to Kingston University is all about changing my perspectives and the way I work.


On my “Marketing Communications“ Modulethere was a very interesting way of understanding and developing certain area/topic. The assignment given by Hilary Wason was called “Experts and Novices” on which we were given roles to take part. Obviously, of one of us where the experts and the others were novices.
The first step for this assignments was to do quality research to get involved into the topic and know moe about it; secondly, within he research made we had to analyze, compare and relate what the authors have written about our topic, being very careful with the relevance, credibility, approach, and usage of the source.

After that, the objective of it all was to be the “Expert” of the chosen topic and create Tags/Arguments Map to share the new knowledge with the people in classroom. Being and expert on the topic helps you to understand a whole variety of points of view and create one by yourself, being always critical and analytical about it.

During the session we were in teams, on which a couple of experts was gonna talk about the topic and “educate” the novices into it.
The topics given were:
Product Placement
Experiential Marketing
The Results/Conclusions were as follows:
Product Placement:
Prodcut Placement was firstly used due to a crisis that envolved Brands V.S. media, and by this, they suceded by merging the message.
It´s a practical and simple way to put in practice the product in an entretaining way, but adding always realismo to the “scene“
The message has to be sutil and in two tones: 1. Modality: Audio- Visual 2. Prominent: How long is it gonna be and how much are you gonna show?
This will lead into the acomplishment, placing the product in the memory of the users minds and also, involve users to have possitive brand attitudes.
Product Placement has to be merged on the Plot/Purpose of the media to be ableto merge it. It must be hiden by making it not to obvious due to the fact that if it´s related to the “scene/scenario“ the results can be better for the users responses.
Overal, Product Placement represents an item/product/service placed into the media cosen, it is a visible way that is used to share the benefits and features of the product in an easier way.
It does encourage consupmtion vie users´feelings and desires by living exmplaes on how they coul feel by using/having the product.
A very important feature of this concept is that when it happens o ris shown users dont have another Choice buy look at it. The contrary happens with tradicional ads, when users can just avoid/skip them.
The product/service/brand gets recognition in a real way , becuase get the product and the audience into “real life“ that can be relatable to the user point of view.
Important features:
º Active and Passive messages for Active and Passive Users.
º The message is psicologicaly via subconsiousway, so, the user will never know that they are being targeted.

The knowledge gained by this kind of learning technique goes further beyond just reading, it takes you to a state of mind on which you trust/convince yourself enough to believe you have been talking about the product for quite a long time.




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