Work hard….. Play harder!


This new year has new and exciting challenges coming on their way, new modules, events, work, and opportunities in general.

When it comes to facing new knowledge it can be a little be scary, due to the fact that you’re entering to the unknown ways and topics to learn. However, Kingston University has taught me that instead of freak out and worry about the challenges, it’s better to embrace them, learn on the way and look for the next opportunity.

Last week I started my new module called Conducting Collaborative Creativity, this module will give me the opportunity to explore the ideas, getting deeper into them and mindset them on a productive and creative way.

For me, creativity is something you can just create or produce, it’s more of an internal process within your mind. So, this module will give me the tools to put all those thoughts together. 

Firstly, we were introduced to Lego Serious, which in one way is a professional and a bit restricted way to build ideas and put the pieces together, literally.

Our first task was to create a simple  duck using only 7 Lego bricks, with the unique interpretation every one of us have about the figure, I went for the more traditional one, yellow skin and orange mouth, and then, we had to get rid of 3 bricks trying to keep the duck shape as much as we could. The purpose of this, for me, was to know how to work with fewer materials given, with some restrictions and still make things happen and keep creating.


After that, all of us were teamed up and were given the challenge of creating the tallest tower possible. My team immediately started being logical and started creating a single line of bricks to create the bigger one. Every member of the team, except one, made one part of our tower, the bottom, the structure and the top, within one second we agreed on which part of the tower every one of us was gonna work on. With this exercise, we all learned and developed our skills on how to work as a team because even if you don’t agree with some ideas that a person give, that idea might me the best and wisest choice. That’s why our tower didn’t work at all, because one of the members of the teams was constantly arguing about how things should be done in a nonlogical way, waiting time, energy, and attention.


The next task was given (and my favorite) was to recreate a creative day we all have had, just like that. Build a simple day which it think your creativity was impulsed your day at all.

I chose one of my favorite days ever. I was very excited about applying to Kingston University and I was required to submit a copy of my CV, so, I decided I was gonna change the way I did my work and decided to make a different resume, it was colorful, more confident, artistic, creative, and a little bit crazy (as I am). I portrayed happiness and creativity in a shape of me, working at home on my laptop, full of hopes and dreams, having my most horrible vices, my Marlboro red cigarettes and my 1 liter Coke drink, for me, there’s no better way to unleash my creativity and feel happy, by having the chance to express myself and being comfortable by so. We all learned that every person has a different interpretation and view of what creativity and happiness are, whether is a physical place, an item, an object, a feeling/emotion, the important factor that must be present is the confidence and the aim to create and change the world.


After being happy and creative we all explored the other side of the coin, the noncreative and sad day/experience. We all have had those days on which we just simply don’t know what’s wrong out here and wanna scream so loud about it. My less creative day was not a specific one, it was more like a general feeling of being useless and not productive at all. I made the figure of myself feeling blue (that’s why the head) and of course, getting angry at it. Feeling frustrated by having plenty of ideas hanging around my head but actually, none of them work in a productive way, I mean, willing to produce and being productive but at the same time having my thoughts tied to an inevitable tragedy.

The last and most “difficult” task was to create, with my team, a combination of our good and bad moments on which we are or not creative, it was interesting to see how different can people interpret feeling and how do they deal with them.

In conclusion, what this playing exercise though us is that there are many ways to interpret and work with a process.  For me, but the Lego blocks mean the collaboration within a team and how individuals can build, create, make and develop an idea and actually, make it happen.

Additionally, we also learned on how our state of mind, daily life and feelings can or can not affect us during a creative process, it is very important that each person can spot and work with those mind states, whether they’re good or bad, let’s remember there’s no right or wrong, the most important thing is when you actually know your strong or weak points is to work with them, fix them and develop them in a creative and productive way. Feeling or attitudes might vary depending on the person, that’s where the fun part is. To live, learn and share the knowledge.



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