The Fire of the Dragon!

This is a story about a boy, a team, a product and a process to be done. 


During these 3 months in Kingston University we have been preparing for that day, our Dragon’s Den presentation, the day came, and I must admit it was FANTASTIC!

Since the beginning of my Design Thinking module we had to team up with 3 school colleagues with different backeounds and skills that ours. Firstly, I have to say it was a nightmare, getting to work in other ways than the ones you do. It was a long process for me to understand that our differences make actually, a stronger team. I just remember when I used to work supervising around 30 people, they were quite different and the behaviour with each of them had to be unique, like one of the members of my Design Thinking team.

Every week we had a different assignment to be completed and done: Lean Canvas, Research, Design, Waste, Finance, Pricing, Regulating, Value Models, Target Audience, Sketching, Prototyping, Business Models, Products MVP, Development, Users, Ideas, Questioning, Answering , Building, Destroying, messing our minds up; in general, just testing ourselves with the whole process that creating a product/services involves.

A few weeks before, my team and I had the idea, straight to the point and making it classy, simple and clear. We created GoodwooD, a wooden bow tie that represents the equality rights between men and women. Our aim is solve the equality issues within our society and raise awareness of the negative impact this has in our society.

So, during those weeks we developed the concepts I previously mentioned. We had it. Finished out prototypes during that week, we were really confident about them, they were simple, straight to the point and effective for our cause, and honestly, the most amazing piece of accessory for both genders.

During that week the nerves were killing me, I couldn’t help wondering every possible diversion out product could have.

Is this a clever idea? 
What does society really need? 
Is out bow tie very good? 
Do we really solve a problem? 
What improvements can it have? 
Do we need more? 
Are judges gonna like it? 

And most importantly
What’s next? 

The day arrived, we were ready, confident and very proud of the work we did. I can honestly say I am in the place I’m meant to be.


During the presentation everything happened, hesitations, doubts, nerves and excimemt combined in front of Dragon’s Den judges van not be a very good one. However, our product was good, we attacked what needed to be attacked, we developed our idea and they thought it was a good one. Although everything was okay we still have a lot to improve in our team and in the product, the judges were really specific in terms of what the future or other use for our Bow Ties can be. AND IT WAS AMAZING! The fact that professional people being able to tell you about certain flaws you might be having in your process makes this experience more valuable.


So, we had the immediate feedback and we still need to keep working for our main events for next semester: University Fair and Kingston Centre Event; there’s so much to do! But with the help and suggestions of the judges I’m pretty sure our product improvements will be able to create a better experience of what we are aiming to share and create. At the end, it’s just a matter of time and work to keep walking and keep improving everyday, isn’t it?

This story doesn’t end here, there’s lots of work to do now, but for now, I can say that having that “Dragon’s Fire” helped me, and my team to learn my our flaws, a new way of improvement and constant work. Hope you’re enjoying the ride as I am, because this doesn’t end here… See you soon…!



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