Dream a Little Dream…

2013 was the year, the person who’s writing was a younger boy with a dream; getting of the comfort zone and make a personal change and then a life change. The destination was of course London, England.

It all started with the decision of traveling abroad, for holidays of course, and I must say it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That travel changed my life, yes it did, I had the chance to see different things and to explore the parts of me I didn’t know I had.

I remember the exact moment when I was waiting at the airport gate that I decided that I needed more, more adventures, more knowledge, more thoughts, and more life lessons to learn. So, I decided to start thinking in continuing my studies in a Postgraduate level, why not?


The process was quite challenging, first of all, the decision making  itself can be the most difficult. Then, it all comes to look for the right course, the university, the requirements and all the procedures that had to be followed.

Language testing, reference letters, personal statements, portfolio, documents transcripts, VISA application and more….. Those all things within 2 years that it took me to finish the process.


This University journey started on the 21st of September 2016. Everything was different, starting with me, in a professional and personal way. The challenge was intense, getting to know new people, with different cultural backgrounds than mine, new ways of learning, new ways of studying and a completely whole new world to live in.


At the beginning it was utterly difficult to adapt to that changes, as a human being it takes some time for us to start feeling comfortable in new environments. However, as the time and life starts to pass I’ve felt like myself again. I can say now, I’m loving this journey and the lessons I’ve been able to have within all this process.

Time does fly, and it not easy to learn and adapt to new ways of living and doings things, but if anyone asks me I will tell them this is the most fantastic journey I’ve ever taken in my entire life (so far).


This story began a couple of months ago, there’s still a lot to do, work and learn, however, I can say the journey is pleasant and full of surprises.


To be continued…


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