Once Upon a Time a Creative Industry called Advertising…

Opportunities like the one I’m having today happen just one in a life time. Janja Song, my Kingston Univeristy course leader invited the students to be part of one of the most amazing workshop I’ve ever attended.

Are you hearing me?

I really want to thank the Creative BootCamp staff to make this opportunity approachable for me. Since the beginning, they made me feel welcome into their environment and most importantly, encouraged me to develop my skills into a higher level. All of this into a friendly and professional environment.




Day 1 Wednesday 30th of November:
Hello Advertising!

The Task was simple, but the process not. AT ALL!

An advertising brief was given to the team and it our turn to shine. The task? Make the unexpected!

The Brand: Nike
The Character: Mo Farah
Our goal: Design an advertising campaign to make people see Mo as a champion and not only as a goofy character that wins medals by running. Here we go….

Tips from Ben Tollet:

To be able to make it Brighter just make it Simple.

Small thinking: Small ideas and develop them instead of trying to work with a massive list of ways to do it.

Don’t descart any idea that comes to your mind, all of them are useful and can come with an unexpected twist or use.

Briefly, an Advertising Campaign is made of:

50% Idea
50% Execution
50% Music
50% Feelings (An addition I made)

Day 2: Thursday December the 1st

The first to do when it comes to do when it comes to the campaign is the research, who is our character, what is he like?, what does he do beside work? What kind of people is him?

The second and most challenging thing to do is: THE IDEA! We know the brand, the know Mo Farah, how are we gonna achieve the target audience to see him as an inspirational figure?

We come up with the idea of time, a brand or a company want their users to keep with them for the rest of their lifes, so we decided to link that feeling to a brand with a daily lif situation: going to the barber shop. Whenever you find the perfect barber for you you just keep its services for as long as you can. That’s the dream, having longevity between a brand and the user.

Mo Farah is he best person possible to capture this moment, going to the neighborhood barber, as usual. So he represents commitment and engagement with the brand.

The idea is basically capture his barber routine to explain that routine is good and how Mo adapts himself to a regular daily life.

Day 3. Friday December 2nd

The final step: FUN!!!


When you have the cards on the table and think of your campaign, with all the ideas that you thought it’s just now a matter of work to make it “real”. The fun begins when it comes to create the artistic work, Story, Storyboard, Scripts, Pictures, Drawings, Music, Images; all of them combined with you’re idea will make it happen and be able to be seen by the agencies or the users.

For Nike’s Mo campaign we decided to create the art of the barber shop, vintage and classy styles to keep it simple.


Adapting Nike’s official logo also creates engagement with the campaign and the meaning of it. Adding “The Barber’s” divots to it reflect immediately our purpose, mix the brand with our story.

Additionally, we created the art for “The Barber” sharing the message that Mo’s routine includes a visit to the barber and keep the relationship going.

It’s important to mention that the barber shop is just a methafor of our basic thoughts in the campaign:
Slogan: “Start to Continue”
Long-term relationships
Routine is religion

Start to continue…

Having all the art materials ready to be seen its just a matter of time to see the reactions and final results of the campaign.

Day 4: The rules have changed!

They day arrived, at exactly 9 am in the morning we got a total twist in the campaign assignment (Ahhhhhh)

Instead of doing a 15 minutes presentation we had to make it a 5 minutes one. Everything we had regarded and prepared had to be shorter than requested at the beginning? The reason: “Our client doesn’t wanna spend so much time listening to the questions and reasons he already knows, so you have 30 minutes to prepare for this twist and make the meat of it” said the workshop director.

My team was ready, our idea was brilliant the only thing we had to do is actually present it. It was very satisfying for me to have the Adverstising professionals in a one on one based feedback, there’s nothing more valuable for me than this. They did like the concept, the execution of the idea and the engangement that Nike could actually have with the users by using our barber shop metaphor to adress the engagement. Also, they told us that in Advertising, working with a real life story and “selling the feelings” instead of the actual product is more successful and very hard to achieve.

Also, another achievement we succeeded in was not only by creating a campaign, but it was actually to create a concept that follows our background story (the barber). Following the campaign with added little pop up events and art materials created for the campaign.

By so far, it was one of the most amazing and productive experiences I’ve ever had.

Still loads to learn and loads to do.

In conclusion, I truly believe that Advertising is just about the concepts that surround the simple idea, keep it simple, clear, straight and you’ll achieve the goal. Add extra value by taking risks and go for the “never seen” thoughts because at the end, the world is changing, society is also, so we must embrace that changes and share them in the best possible way.


By the way, one of the members of the winner team shaved his head,




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