Tate Modern: Tropicalization; Adaptation and Evolution.


During the few weeks I´ve been living in the England it has really surprised me how everything does change for good. The streets, the food, the building, how peple live, and the city life in general. Maybe I´ve changed, maybe London has changed, but the question is: Are we always changing and adapting to the circunstances?


Last week I had the chance to visit one of my favorite museums in London, The Tate Modern, the last time I was there was 4 years ago, unveliavable!!! But this time everything was different, I am now a more mature person and I can now appreciate things in a different way. Now I´m able to be more specific about my judgemental judges and take them beyond, so I can try to understand them and take them further in my knowledge. The museum, itself has changed a lot as well, as a response of a new wave of users visiting it, I mean, the visitors at the museum are not the same as from 20, 10 or 4 years ago.



In Advertising there´s a very rare concept called “Tropicalization“. It means that a company has to adapt their products to the market they are trying to take them to, for instance, it´s not the same about selling Mexican Food in México or in England, EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT!!!. Even when the food is the same, also the product, however, the consumers and the market are not the same due to Cultural, Geographical, Educational, and Lifestyle backgrounds all users have.

So, what I mean is, it did come to my mind that companies must “Tropicalize“ their products or services throuhgtout time and depending on the market they´re trying to ge into. I saw a more “Modern“ Tate Modern, full of lights, instalations, touchable arts, approchable work, so everyone can get to understand and feel the Concepts of art the museum is actually trying us to understand.



Time changes, So do we.


It all started with that little slogan outsider the building . for me it was like wakeup call. The museum it´s, indeed, reinventing itself to get along with the current users, but also the aimm of that is to get more visits by bringing different types of arts that new “users/visitors“ can know now. Moreover, if we think of Tate Modern as a Company or a Product, it is really getting into its goals, changing along with the globalizad and modern world we live in, but preserving the Essentials and bases of their Art.



It can be am utterly hard work toa achieve that, doing reserach about the trends, whta´s coming next, what kind of people are we looking for having at the museum, what kind of people still come to museums, how is it that a lontime museum can be still attractive to a new generation of users. Well, that´s the most interseting job to do when it comes to do Advertisng for a new or “soon to be launched“ product. Dealing with all the struggles that this process comes with, but I do believe that, by doing it, a company, in this case the Tate Maodern, will be able to know which market and people are they working with.






In conclusion, Tropicalization for me now is a totally different concept that used to have a few months ago, I thought of i tinto a more technical and theorical research that has to be done, and most importantly it was meant to be thought in a global way. But guess what, I was totally wrong, the Tropicalization must be seen as a “face to face“ concept for a company/product to be used, it´s nota ll about assumptions of a place, country, culture or theories, it´s all about the real observation and tatally understand the users you´re working with. Additionaly, if we start working locally with our product/service by some time, and with all the lessons we learn in the process, we will be able to reach an International and more global market ,and eventually, out products will be approachable to anyone in the world who wants to have them.










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