Fab Lab – Unlimited Lab: The Accuracy of Mistakes

Throughout all my life All I wanted was to perform my duties in a perfect way, without mistakes and flaws, taking care of all the details that must be observed and getting in to my final goals without a shadow of being wrong. But this week I’ve learned something utterly valuable: It’s okay it brake it, just learn the lesson, fix it and make it perfect next time!




Expectations always come when it comes to explore the unknown, what am I gonna do now? What am I supposed to say or make? Am I ready for this? And it turns out, I got many answers to these questions during this week.

I had the chance of being part of a unique experience Kingston University, Unlimited Lab, and Fab Lab London game me.



Think, Plan, Do! Great things never happened with people just waiting for them.

During to extensive and very productive ways the process started with the theories of what making a general prototype are.


What do my users need? What can I give them? Is there any way I can solve their problems? What skills do I have to make that idea work successfully? For me, it’s all about brainstorming ideas and start THINKING of ways to make them happen. As I was saying, they might not be perfect, but at the end, I’ve gained something, the thinking process that made me realize how interesting and productive is to see the different diversions a prototype can have. Moreover, my team and I stated thinking of reusing existing materials; making them useful, practical, functional and comercially successful. So, the whole thinking process started, aiming to satisfy our user with the best prototype we could make it came to our minds: Isn’t it a pity to waiste money, energy and time everytime your headphones fall apart or they just break? The thought of a way in which our “Product” could save the to WAISTE the previously mentioned situations.








With all those questions answered and the knowledge of what we had to work with we all started prototyping the best way/ product to develop the idea with basic concepts such as:

* The prototype has to be ergonomic
* The prototype has to be economic
* The prototype has to be made from recycled matierials
* The prototype has to be directed to our target market: Males and Females from 20 to 40 years old.
* Out prototype has to be easy to use
* In general, out prototype has to be useful

I have to be honest, the prototyping process was not easy at all, we found so many difficulties as ideas we had:

It didn’t have the right shape
It was to heavy
It was to big
It wasn’t useful at all

But at the end, we all learned something vital for the process: it’s fine to have difficulties throughout all the process, because eventually we figured out how to improve our ideas and finally get the knowledge to put them on the table and successfully create our goal: FRAME HEADPHONES CASE.



With all he questions answered, all the lessons learned, and our prototype ready to be done, there’s was nothing to do but the must fun part: MAKING IT HAPPEN!

We had the idea, the work, the materials, materials, the sizes it was just a matter of time to have it on a physical way.

With the help of Unlimited Lab Staff, we took our final Wooden Headphones Frame to the laser cutter, it was as simple as having the Desing on the computer, setting it on the Machine Software and that’s it. The final design was there, ready to go and be presented.

I must admit I really enjoyed the process to “Make it Happen”, despite all the pros and cons found on the way, the ride was joyful and most interesting, full of knowledge.

I’m really thankful to Unlimited Lab and Fab Lab London to teach me one of the most important lessons in life: sometimes it’s not all about the destination (Final Product) it’s all about the process that you go through while you get there.





Final Prototype:






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