The Dimensions of Advertising


As a Master Degree Student at Kingston University there are lots of tasks that are required to be done, such as Readings, Home assignments, Presentations, Research, and my favorite ones: Workshops Attendance. This week I did have the honor of attending the 3D Workshop Induction, although it was just a basic taller about security facts and a little wooden ship work, I think about what happens behind the scenes of this Workshop.


We are all studying and focussing on the Creative Industries, and this kind of “work“ we are asked to do is aimed to force us getting out of the confort zone within our own toughts, this is; for me, when the real magic begins, when we start doing the difference and start working beyond expectations.


During the 90 minutes Workshop while listening to the Engineer Talk I was thinking about companies and the various dimensions they have within their products and services. Yes, I will call them Dimension to all the process and stops they actually have to go through to be able to have a new launching or a new service offering. It Could be impossible for me to mention all of them in a very specific way due to the fact that each company has its own ways and methods to work. However, what it is common hmong all of them is the process they are envolved in, they must must all the regulated steps to be able to get their goals made. This step and procedures are for sure, the best and fastest way to ge tinto the final achievement, our user´s happiness.

When a Company is trying to launch a new product or is tying to give more force to an existing one, it comes to my mind the work we learn to do at the 3D Workshop, that´s why I call them DIMENSIONS. Yes, the dimensions are all the views and ways that companies must work with throughout this process, being very carefull all of the “do´s“ and “dont´s“ about it. Not every process will be perfect by itself, it does need time, work, and most importantly, the response they do have when it comes to see a problem in a different way, with a different dimension.

When I talk about different Dimensions Companies must take I´m talking about being ready for the unexpected, this is when the Advertising Creativity takes the most important way. Being able to see what other people can not see, have the capacity of embrancing that views with wisdom and start working with all the information together and start working in all the dimensions we are able to work with. If it was not possible to work in dimension 1, we can take the diversion to dimension 2, etc..



In conclusion, as an Advertising and Creative Industries student, one of my aims for this programme learnig and experimenting is to embrace all the work and knowledge I have to work with and make as many as possible diversions to the process within it. It could be very easy and simple to work in a flat and straight line, but just remeber something clearly, the best ideas were not created following a script or just waiting them to happen. We must go further and eventually the results will arrive in as many dimensions we worked them for.



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