Difficulties for Business: Opportunities for Creativity

Since the moment a Business is launched it does have a huge amount of goals and opportunities it is aiming to achieve, no matter how small or big they are, they are part of the process that takes time step by step. It Could be very easy to run a Business without having any kind of problems or troubles around it, however, it comes to my mind a simple but very effective thought: When it comes to hanlde any difficulty in life or in this case, our Business it is when we are really tested on how do we deal with dificulties to get through it, to prove our real Professional skills and learn of our mistakes during the process.

So, I cant help but wonder:

Are dificulties in Business a mandaroty step we have to deal with?

What skills are needed to go through this negative step?

Aren´t the bad times of our Business the best ones to come up with Creative and GroundBreaking Strategies to get to our goals?


Most people or companies don’t like to deal with complicated situations whenever they come across to our daily life tasks. I personally believe that we must embrasse that diversions as soon as they arrive and start thinking about our process:

What is it that we did wrong so we are now dealing with that situation?

Is there any step in the process that we skipped or we saw and thought it wasn’t any problem at all?

In this week’s Design Thinking Task our aim was to spot some kind of flaw or difficulty some business we experience everyday might have that can be solved. As Creative Professionals we must face those kind of situations and think in the most practical way to solve them, being realistic on what we’re working with and offering real solutions to it.

My team and I decided to work with any 20 something persona round the world deal with: going to a bar, crowded venues, lots of people, unfriendly staff and overated prices we have to face. However, as in Business, life changed two members oh the team were not able to attend the meeting scheduled due to health problems. But here´s where we found the perfect opportunity to improve a service we unfortunately were forced to use: England´s National Health Services.

As part of the whole experience, I must aknowledge the medical attention was brilliant, efficient, practical and Fast, like a dream come true. Nevertheless, the administration used for the NHS is deplorable, lack of humanity and full of bureocracy; so, we started thinking about redesigning a new way to take things under control. Base don what we did experience we created a model in which the attention from the hospitals could be faster, simpler and straight to the point.

We did come out with 1 basic service that might help the NHS with that:


A card full of your medical history, illness, medical attention, allergies, name, blood type, country of origin and all the information needed to the the receptionsts, nurses and doctors to make a Fast attention as soon as a patient enters to a hospital, either in an emergency or on a regular doctor appointment. This card contains all the backround needed held on a data base so the system itself would contain all the information about the patient to help the Hospital Staff assist patients with efficiency as fast as possible.

Basically, the MEDICAL CARD will be scanned everytime the patient visits the Hospital, as soon as they arrive with a condition, pain, emergengy or any other situation in general the card is going to have all the needed information the staff has to work with. By doing so, the service will be improved itslef by living the attention needed.

In conclusion, what the real aproach for the Design Thinking process is to have a process that must be solved, wether you like it or not, start to think of the variety of Solutions the creative team may face. It is, in this point, where the Creativity itself starts to come out.




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