The Mexican Wave: Hola Creative Industries!

In a world where ideas and creativity have become fundamental to global economy, Mexico maintains its position as a source of talent and a pole of innovation. A young population of Mexicans, growing hand in hand with technology development, have found a way to integrate their cultural identity and traditions into new trends of the creative industries.

Their creative tradition and innovation capacity are also joined by technology. The result is a creative economy that moves forward confidently in the global market; young businesses that are becoming leaders in fields such as video game development, digital animation, film and television production.


When it comes to Creativity and Redifining one concept you have been working with for such a long time it does take special forces to achieve it.

So, here I am insipired by the place that gards thousands of stories that have inspired the entire world for centuries, The British Library. Yes, this place is the house of inspiration and creativity that in certain way, helps me think about Mexican Creative Industies.

It has been a long ride for México to develop a more challenging way of doing things than we used to do it. The reason? The global world we are all living in. So, instead of keep us behind the cortains it´s more interesting to us now to actually embrace those challenges and to take them further.

It´s been a month now that I´m away from my country and now I start to realize what does it take to embrace those challenges I was talking you about: Explotion of ideas, exploration of your own mind, start thinking that there are several ways of work or do things than they way we thought was the only way.


Creative Industries all arround the world have speedly evolutionated in the last decades.

And it´s not a surprise for me that México, my country is not doing it work. From small companies with groundbreaking products to enormous enterprises who become more global and bigger every day.

Mexico is consolidating itself as an important development pole for today’s creative industries, where technology is undoubtedly crucial, but so is the ability to handle it and the talent and creativity to apply it to specific products.

So, I can´t help but wonder:

What does it take to become a Regular Industry into a Creative one?

Are there any rules that must be followed?

How can we realice we´re walking that one step beyond others?


Thoughout this month in the UK I´ve changed my concept of life as I had it before, it´s not better or worse, it´s just different. I´m completely sure that´s the way to fin the real Creative Experience that the industry requires. I don´t mean you have to travel to the UK for 1 month to study to be able to feel this, what I mean is that you just have to do anything that simply passes thorugh your head and make it real, make it happen by yourslef and you will finally conquer the first step that for me is the way to CREATE and succeed in the Creative Industries. As I was saying, it´s not a geographical situation you have to go across, its´not about neither a school nor a Univeristy, it´s all about yourlsef and the ideas you have in mind. The secret for me now is challenging yourslef to go further and work in a different way to be able to explore several visions the world is offering. The task is not simple, as life is, but I can assure you the trip is utterly enjoyable.



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