Art: The Business of Feelings


Throughout history, people around the world have created a lot of ways to share their thoughts, express emotions, and demonstrate them in every possible way; either in an artistic or non artistic way, that is, in my personal opinion where Art was born. With the inner explosion of that feelings, willing to be shared, artists find several ways to do so.

During centuries several artists showed us the world through their eyes and their expression of the concept of about it. Architecture, Music, Poetry, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Sculpting and Painting are, in a summarized saying the most relevant ways of art expression that we have been offered to be shown by these talented artists.

On the antique times artists used to share their work with every concept of art they wanted people to see it, in a non business way, the aim for them was just the simple idea of basic concepts and human nature to explore the world around us. However, it seems to me that nowadays, art concepts are have changed to the viewers eyes, it’s now a matter of status and knowledge you must have to be able to be part of the art world, moreover, artists tend to sell their feelings for a piece of their work instead of embracing the audience with the work they’ve done.

So, I can’t help wondering: Could the Art World  be a 2016 Business Career?


Frieze Art Fair London

One week ago I had he pleassure of be taken to Frieze Art Fair in London, it´s one of the best parts of being studying in a University as Kingston, living us the chance to epxlore in our own way a lot of different kind of Creativity all around the world. So, I´m Jorge, a Mexican student in the UK, and I´m about to tell you my experience at Frieze Art Fair, take a seat and enjoy the ride….


Firstly, I must admit I´m not a very artistic person when it comes to surrealistic objects and ways to express feelings. Throughout my life I´ve found different kind of art as a joyful and fun way to play with thw inner you and learn in the mid-time.
When the time came to explore London´s Art world it was shocking to me to be able to realize I was in a very different place where I come from, docens of Nationalities, a massive place to experience art and moreover, a huge variety of pieces to be seen. From flat forms, circles, shapes, colours, materials and designs, Frieze Art Fair offers not only an Art Exhibition, but also the full experience of getting in to the Arts in general.
At the beggining of the article I made a statement about how nowaday´s art Concepts and work are offenly more focussed and directed to the intelectual population, so, only the ones who have access to this narrow world can be able to be fascinated by the Art exhibited. Why do I say this? Througouht all the Fair Venue all I was able to see, aprt from the Art Work was a whole bunch of pretentious “Artists“ whom where only focussed on having a good look and keep a pose rather than talk to people and share what they where there to share: Their ART. For me, it seemed like they where just there as Business people waiting user to get their products purchased. This is why I made the question: Is Art a new Business Model?
In conclusion, despite all this Business Arguments I´m talking about, it´s always entretaining to see what kind of expressions can people may have in nowadays crazy world. Colours, personalities, figures, feelings, texturas, forms, angles, shadows, thoughts, materials and ideas are for me now a new way to unleash my creativity and keep mastering my Advertising Skills, which at the end, are gonna be the Art I´m willing to share with the world.



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