On The User´s Shoes


One of the most important challenges that enterprises have to work in is to truly understand their users and their real and inner needs and desires.

It can take ages for a company to realize how important their user are for them, loosing time, energy and money whilst in the process. Tha´s why this week´s Lecture Assignment showed us a brief way of re-imagine our existing product and truly think in a new way of satisfaction for our final user; REDESIGN REDESIGN….. Design Thinking Lectures at Kingston University are everything but a place to go, take notes and seat during 4 hours. It´s more about an experience about how to get into our user´s heads.


First of all, having an existing product can be satisfying for almost any company, so they can just work on it as usual. However, the real Challenge begins when it comes the time to add an extra value to it, reimagine the whole process and most importantly, keep innovating and reinventing yourself to keep your product itself “fresh“ in the market and on user´s eyes and minds.

After that, embracing the Challenge to reinvent yourslef now it´s time to focuss on your users and their Needs:

What do they want?

What do they need?

What can I do to make them feel better?

How is it that my product/service comes into their lives?

What else shall I do to keep my user´s loyalty with me?

I Could mention lots of ways of techiniques and methods of theories about users and companies, but by aim will be to find new oportunities of Design Thinking on Products/Services and how are we going to approach them to our user to be able to make them feel the experience we actually want them to have.



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