Darwin´s Finches State of Mind

Once Upon a Time, athere was a British Naturalist called Charles Darwin, among his many works and theories about Biology and Natural Selection it comes to my mind one of my favourite concept for adaptation. Yes, ADAPTATION. Althought we all could think: What does Charles Darwin´s work have to do with the Arts of Advertising and the Creative Economy? I happen to start thinking that his theories can be certainly applied for nowadays was of living and, moreover, companies strategies of products/sales promotions.

First of all I´ll briefly will talk about my experience. Coming long away from México City, to a completely different city than mine as London is I truly relieve that the adaptation concept gets explained by itslef.

In “The Origin of the Especies“, Darwin explores the journey of a huge diversity of Finches that he picks up throughout his journey around the world on 1831, and most importantly, discovers how those especies, no matter what their backround was, the way they used toe at and lived, eventually the birds were able to, firstly adapt, and then evolutionate in the new environment they were forced to live in. Overal, it´s quite interesing go get to know how us, alive beings force to embrace our past habbits and take them to the grave, but eventually we start relating our routine and activities towards the situation/place we´re envolved in.

Thinking in alive beings and, more specificly, in Darwin´s Finches, I couldnt help but wonder: Aren´t companies supposed to advertise their products and start thinking in the Adaptation of them on every songle region they´re promoting them? In a nutshel, it doesnt matter the geography, habbits, backround, DNA, space or conditions, because everything will fit eventually.

In conclusion,what my aim was for this comparison is to explain how anything can be adaptable anywhere at anytime. We just have to be patient to enjoy the process, learn from the mistakes, be patient and that´s how the Natural Selection might work by itself.



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